streamlining the shipping process

Our mission is to deliver a seamless logistics experience that equips you to grow your business. We focus on providing superior shipping in three key areas:


Multiple capacities to safely carry specialty chemicals and liquid bulk freight.

dry van - refrigerated

Whether you need to ship dry goods or perishable items, we have options to suit your needs.


From raw materials to heavy hauls, you can depend on us from flatbed transportation.

specialization is key

Because of our extensive background in the chemical industry, we know how to handle bulk liquid-tanker freight needs. Our team adjusts to the needs of every shipment to cut down on costs and ensure success.

save time, save money

By relying on the latest technology and our own expertise, we’re able to spot issues a mile away so we can help our customers avoid major roadblocks. 

Think of Us as an Extension of Your Business

We bridge the gap between carrier and customer by communicating throughout the entire process. Twelve Point Logistics is the extra link in the supply chain that will secure the most economical shipping method and ensure shipments reach their destinations on schedule. 

Become a Carrier with Freight Brokers that Treat You Like Family

We’re looking for reliable, hardworking partners to help us deliver results and value for our customers.

ship confidently

Tell us a little bit about what your freight and will find the most cost-effective solution for you.

Twelve Point Logistics is an asset-based company founded in 2018 that is uniquely tied to the local chemical industry after ownership searched to find solutions for their own transportation needs. We are committed to providing an extraordinary level of service to all our customers, shippers and carriers alike, through asset growth, communication, professionalism and reliability. We have created a family-oriented culture that is highly rewarding, motivating, and thrives on teamwork and loyalty.

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